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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why start a business?

Why people get into direct sales or any other business?

A lot of people don’t just get into direct sales to make money, and that may not even be their first concern. They get in because they are looking for something:

Adult companionship - Maybe someone is a full time stay at home mom and just wants something to do to get away from their kids for a few hours and have some adult conversation.

Skill Set – A person may have leant a certain skill set but not had a chance to use it. Direct sales can allow a person to get out and use this skill.

Self esteem – Sometimes people feel that there is nothing that they can do or that they are not worth it. They can get into sales and really make a difference. Maybe it isn’t in money, but helping someone improving their life, its amazing how that can make you feel.

Fun – You will find the occasional person who got into direct sales just to have a bit of fun!

So what is your reason and what is holding you back?

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