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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Chance for Strike it Gold

Tomorrow is your last chance to order your Strike It Gold Canyon! Every Candle is a winner! Only on 26 oz Heritage candles! http://mygc.com/skcandles

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting the Smell from the Jar Lid

Dear Maven,

How do you get the smell out of the candle lid? I would like to re-use the container as a sugar
container. However, I do not want the sugar to smell like Cinnamon Garland. I have tried many things to get the smell out, including Homeology All Purpose.

Wow—another example of reduce, reuse, recycle. Way to go! Gold Canyon has the most powerful fragrance on the market and with this high quality it’s no wonder you can’t get that smell out. You can though—it just takes a little time.

Take the plastic ring off of the glass and wash them both with very hot soapy water, letting them soak 30 minutes or so. Rinse and allow them to dry. If the plastic ring still has a smell, let it sit in a bowl of baking soda for a week. Wash the plastic ring, let it dry and smell again. If it still has smell left, do another bowl of baking soda for a couple of weeks. That should do it!

I know it sometimes take a little extra work to repurpose something, but it’s all worth it. Plus, who else will have such a beautiful custom-designed diamond cut glass sugar container?

Your partner in going green,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reflections in Decorating

Surprisingly, even something like concern over the economy has an effect on design trends. But it’s not what you may think. Most recently, people have been longing for and remembering the days of the past—heirloom colors and distressed finishes are now a very popular home décor trend.

The use of aged, heirloom colors and distressed finishes remind people of the past and they’re finding their way into home décor themes.

You can add small touches of aged and heirloom color finishes and feels to your home. Try these simple décor concepts:

• Change or repurpose old furniture instead of throwing it away. It may already look distressed, making it easier to get in line with this trend. If needed, use painting techniques or even try sanding away those old paint trends to create the look you want now.

• Find those old keepsakes and accent pieces you’ve stored away for safekeeping. Instead bring them out and display them proudly. Family heirlooms will always be in style!

• Live simply. Ironically, living simply is the current “trend” that was once a way of life. Get back to that place not only for your design wallet, but for the environment and our earth’s future.

• When you do decide to make new purchases, select the accent pieces that can be used in a variety of ways. This type of decor not only changes with time, but with your tastes as well.

• Check out Gold Canyon’s holders (pictured below) for seven versatile holders each with their own distinctive design, but the same quality rustic finish—perfect for your heirloom and distressed finished décor.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Scents

Gold Canyon’s Spring Holiday line of candles has you covered for every holiday or just a spring scent to use all season. Each of the four candles is so giftable and fun—you can buy one of each and always have a gift on hand. Jelly Beans and Marshmallow Confections are perfect for your Easter basket. Spring Posies in a bright green jar is great for celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Spring Posies (Green)
A bushel of fresh florals, light fruits and sandalwood brings the gift of spring to life!

Jelly Beans (Pink)
Sweet and irresistibly delectable, the fruity blend of strawberry, peach and pineapple together with creamy vanilla creates the wonderful goodness of this springtime treat.

Marshmallow Confections (Yellow)
Like the fluffy marshmallow chicks that are the must-have Easter treat, this fragrance is creamy whips of fluffy marshmallow infused with delectable spun sugar, a splash of fruity orange and tangy lemon zest.

Candy Hearts (Purple)
A tempting treat that includes hints of sweet strawberry, fluffy marshmallow, red raspberry and creamy vanilla scents.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Garden Party Recipe

Garden Party

The spring posies are popping up, the gardenias are blooming and the garden fountain is echoing a tranquil trickling sound. Create that perfect garden party ambience with this fragrance blend to calm the senses.   

  • 19 oz. Tranquil Mist
  • 9 oz. Spring Posies 
  • 8 oz. Water Garden 
  • 5 oz. Gardenia

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Popular Scents

Cherry Pie
Moroccan Amber Vanilla
Clean Sheets

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feminine Scents

Love Struck
Boutique Line
Burning Bright

Shelf Life of Emerge

Dear Maven,
What is the shelf life of our EMERGE products? I found one under my sink that may have been there for well over a year. It seemed OK but didn’t have much of a fragrance left.

You know my first question is going to be ‘why on earth would you hide a wonderful EMERGE product under your sink?!’ On the other hand, I am glad you are concerned about still using the old EMERGE you found!

Fragrance is the first thing that starts to go when you keep your cosmetics too long. Such a waste too because the EMERGE fragrance is so wonderful. However, once fragrance is gone, that doesn’t mean the product is useless. The shelf life of EMERGE is one year but can be longer if kept in cooler conditions—the warmer environment can reduce the shelf life of cosmetics.

As long as the product smells OK and looks OK, it is generally safe to use. I know you’re probably just trying to not waste a perfectly good product, but since the renewing fragrance of EMERGE is so important to the experience, it’s probably better to just get a fresh product. I wouldn’t want you missing out on “The World’s Finest”® EMERGE experience!

P.S. Remember to refer to the Product Knowledge Guide. You can find a lot of this information about shelf life and storage temps in there.

Helping you enjoy “The World’s Finest”,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Masculine Scents

- Ginger Lime 
- Fresh Denim 
- Fir Champa 
- Autumn Walk 
- Moroccan Amber Vanilla

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Posting Changes

Just a quick post to let you know I will not be posting something every day any more.  I will still put up something two or three times a week.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Congrats to Ashley for getting $700 in sales in her first month! 

This gets her:
Refund on the first payment for her kit
No more payments for kit - FREE KIT
Quick Rewards of approximately $90
Override Commissions

And a great start for her business!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Specials

These are the Canadian specials. Please contact me to book your party! :)

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