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About Me

I have been with Gold Canyon Candles since November of 2008.  At that time, I had been in romance for 2 years, but did not know if it was something that I was going to continue, hence joining Gold Canyon.  I ended up leaving romance in January of 2009 and continuing on my Gold Canyon journey.

In August 2009, I ended up making Manager with Gold Canyon which earned me a free trip to Phoenix for training in October.  It was a whirlwind 2 days, with meeting and networking with other ladies that also attended.  Some had made manager in less than 2 months, while others had taken more than two years.  I learnt many different and interesting ideas.

I am still continuing my journey with Gold Canyon and things are going well.  I am constantly looking for new people to host parties and experience Gold Canyon if they have not already, and I am looking for new people on my team.  Contact me if you are either of these!

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