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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Different Colour Meanings

• Red: a warm stimulating color that encourages physical activity; it can also revive passion in the bedroom.
• Orange: a creative color to enliven a room and bring in joy and enthusiasm
• Cinnamon: a stable, grounding color that will harmonize a room.
• Yellow: Mentally stimulating colors that can help arouse lively conversations or increase concentration.
• Green: a harmonizing color that brings balance, soothes the emotions, and offers security and protection.
• Blue: a calm, cool color that engenders feelings of peace, particularly in the bedroom.
• Purple: a soothing, intuitive, and psychic color, used for cleansing meditation rooms and bedrooms.
• White: the color of purity; it gives protection and comfort.
• Gold: the color of abundance and understanding.
• Silver: the color of the moon; a balancing color that encourages change and learning.


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