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Monday, February 1, 2010

Using Candles at a Wedding

Candles seem to go hand in hand with weddings. Some places have restrictions on flames so make sure you ask your venue when planning something with a flame. You can also do some wonderful things without lighting the candles.

Favours – This is a great use for votives or tealights, as they are relatively inexpensive. To dress them up, you could wrap them in tulle, or put in a little tulle bag, with a note saying thank you for coming to our wedding, or anything else you want to communicate to your guests.

Cake Table – Most people decorate their cake table, so why not use a candle to help? A pillar would probably be best here, or votives or tealights. You can set it up and also put rose petals, or other confetti decorations all over the table. Having the height of the candles will add interest.

Centerpieces – What you will want to use will depend greatly on your budget. A common use is to set a candle on a mirror, it reflects the flame and creates and elegant look. Or using several size pillars together can create a great effect as well.

Hurricane Candle Holder – This is a great centerpiece idea. You can fill with something that reflects your wedding, such as sand, if you are having a beach themed wedding. It can then have candles nestled into the sand.

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