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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comments from Organizations

"This was my first Gold Canyon fundraiser. I felt I was well-informed throughout the entire process and the information given to my sellers was well put together. Everyone loved using the Fundraiser Seller Packet provided."
"Our profit was excellent. The candles came back quickly and I will definitely do another Gold Canyon fundraiser in the fall!"
– Susan Russell, Ms. Susan's Daycare, Hartsville, TN

"Sacred Heart Catholic School needed to raise $10,000 for a new playground structure. They sold almost $2,000 in less than two weeks and with less than 20 sellers participating! Three of the students sold between $250 and $400 each. The school has decided to make Gold Canyon the first fundraiser to promote for spring."
– Tammy Rintoul, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Lanark, ON Canada

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