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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Other Questions You May Have

How long should our fundraiser last?

The length of the fundraiser is up to you and your organization. The average selling period for a successful fundraiser is 2-3 weeks. Gold Canyon recommends staying within this timeframe for it to be the most effective.

Will our supporters like the fragrances you are providing us?

Certainly! We have hand-chosen customer favorites and best-selling fragrances with your organization in mind. With a wide array of succulent fruits, blooming florals and warm spices to choose from, the selection of aromas will appeal to every supporter of your organization!

Are you providing a lot of product selections that will be confusing for our sellers?

No! We know that your goal is to keep your sellers motivated to earn profits in the most effective way possible. This is why we've made the process as simple as one – two – three! Your sellers will offer three of our most popular Signature Series™ sizes in a wide selection of fragrances to your supporters.

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