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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Decorating Using Old to Look New

Decorate Your Home With a New Look Using the Old!

Redecorate by Repurposing

You can give your home a new look without the new furnishings by simply “redecorating” and repurposing some items already in your home. You can add a new look and organize your home in every room without spending a dime!

Try these ideas for a fresh look and a more organized home:
1. Turn containers into unique holders or accent pieces. You can use empty jar candles, candle holders, candle accessories or Scent Pod™ containers as places to store supplies in the office; as food containers for candy, spices, flour, sugar or tea bags in the kitchen; as storage for buttons, safety pins or craft items in the spare bedroom; as everyday containers for storing cotton balls, soaps or cotton swabs.

2. Repurpose an old wicker basket by putting it in a different room and using as an accent piece on a table or on the floor. Try using it to store items you’d rather have out of sight like hand weights, incoming mail and toys or use it to hold toiletries on the bathroom counter, reducing your clutter.

3. Make kitchen storage stylish. Make space in your kitchen cabinets by instead displaying pretty dishes on countertops and cabinets and using them to store items needed at hand.

4. Start saving! Your empty jar candles are the perfect place to store all that extra change. Make a coin jar for everyone in your household and even make your own label with their name and what they are saving for.

5. Make a last minute gift. When you need to have a gift quickly or want to give something homemade, reuse your glass candle jars by creating your own recipe of cookie mixes, salsas or soups. Add a recipe label and a bow and your gift is complete!

Search your home for your old candle jars, candle holders, candle accessories, baskets and other items to repurpose and you’ll instantly feel more organized!

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