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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why a Gold Canyon Candles Fundraiser?

Watch the posts for the next few days as I review the fundraiser program. This is information taken from our website.

Strong Fragrance. Strong, true-to-life fragrances. The fundraising rub-to-discover Seller Packet each seller will use provides an easy reference to the fragrances available for purchase.

Double Wicks. Double wicks ensure an evenly burning candle so there is no messy, residual wax left on the walls of the candle jar. Safety Features. Each candle wick is fitted with a safety collar, causing the candles to self-extinguish at the appropriate safety level. In addition, our unique cool wax formula is warm to the touch and will not burn the skin if a candle is accidentally bumped or turned over.

The Prayer Child Foundation. In addition to the organization you are supporting, you will also be supporting the Prayer Child Foundation, Gold Canyon's charity of choice.

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