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Friday, January 1, 2010

Time for a New Year, and New Plans and Goals

With a new year, comes some changes.  One of the first will be this blog.  Instead of a bunch of Gold Canyon items, as well as other miscellaneous items, I have decided to make it completely Gold Canyon.  I didn't feel the other items flowed well with my intentions.  I will be starting a second blog for all the other items, and will post the link here so you can follow that as well.

This blog will now include:
Specific information about Gold Canyon Candles - The business, the product, the opportunity
How things are going for me specifically in regards to my Goals with Gold Canyon
Team Recognition
General information about Candles, Decorating with Candles, and other related information
Other more Generic, Related information.

This blog will not be 100% only Gold Canyon.  I plan to post information to help you no matter where you buy your candles. 

Thank you for reading.  :)

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