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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Uses for Empty Jars

Uses for Empty Jars:

Decorations – Your imagination is the limit on this one.  Put rocks in the bottom, or fish tank pebbles, or any number of other things. 

Plants – You could plant something small in one of these.  Hmm.. Maybe I could grow some kitty catnip!

Artwork - Layer sand, or other items into your jars.  Best with one that you can put the lid onto.

Bathroom Storage - Fill with cotton puffs, hair pins, whatever else floats around on your counters.

In the Kitchen - Some of the jars would make great drinking glasses!  (make sure they are well cleaned first)

Candy Jars - Enough said

Empty Scent Pods - Great to store small items like paperclips or craft supplies.

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