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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Safety Wicks / Comfy Wax, Double Wicks

Gold Canyon is committed to providing "The World's Finest"® products. That means not only are our candles, natural cleaning products and bath and body products exceptional, but we also incorporate the safest production procedures to ensure your candles are as harmless as possible.
  • In case of accidental spills, the wax used to produce Gold Canyon candles is comfortably warm to the touch to prevent burns to children or pets.
  • Gold Canyon promotes the use of environmentally safe wicks in all the candles we produce.
  • Gold Canyon uses both zinc core and cotton wicks that are made in the USA with a safety collar on select sizes that extinguish automatically at the appropriate level.
  • As members of the National Candle Association, Gold Canyon has incorporated safety wicks into most candle sizes help to support the safety recommendation of discontinuing use when 1/2” of candle wax remains.

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