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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A clean home doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals, noxious aromas and a cloud of chemical compounds in the air. These unnecessary and unhealthy irritants cause disruption to the loving melody of your home. Gold Canyon’s Homeology™ natural cleaning products are changing the old tune to a new one worth singing about.

Natural Cleaning Product Ingredients

- Gentle coconut-based green cleaning agent

- Corn-based ethanol

- Purified water

- Plant-based essential oils

Eco-Sensitive for Green Cleaning

- Biodegradable

- Sustainable

Safe for You, Your Family and Home

- No ammonia

- No chlorine

- No phosphates

- No artificial dyes

- Non-toxic

Animal Friendly

- Not tested on animals

- Safe to use around pets

Easy to Use

Just spray and wipe clean with three impressively effective all natural cleaning products, including Glass, All Purpose and Floor. Use the new Cleanse to scrub on just about every surface. Treat yourself and your home to a truly pure clean with plant-based home cleaning!

*Don't forget to bring your Eco-Friendly Bags with you when you do your shopping!


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