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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why have a Gold Canyon Candles Party?

There are many home party companies out there, and they are all competing to get your money.  So how do you decide which company to have a party with?
Well, a great method is to determine what company has the products that you like the best, and which has products that you are likely to use.
Chances are if you are reading this blog, you are familiar with Gold Canyon, but if not, here are the reasons to shop with us:
Variety of Product – Flame or Flameless products, Spa products, Cleaning Products, Décor
Affordable – We have products ranging from $9 to $34 for Candles, and décor items up to $50.  There is a price that everyone can afford.  Not to mention, once your candle is done, you can re-use the jar around your home!
Strong Scents – Our scented products fill your entire house, burning or not.
Clean Burn – Due to our double wicks, our candles burn more evenly and cleanly. 
Free Product – Just for hosting, I will give you a gift.  Once you have $150 in sales, you start earning credits for free product, and you can earn 50% off items and free items once you hit different sales levels.  If someone books off your party, you will earn free product at their party as well!

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