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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oil Warmer Review

This season Gold Canyon has come out with an oil burner. 
In the past, when I used an oil burner, I could put in a bowlful (probably 2 tablespoons?) and it would be gone within a few hours.  As a result, I wanted to know how Gold Canyon’s burners would do using the Gold Canyon oils. 
I set up the Traditional Trivet Burner with 50 drops of Sweet Pea oil.  The instructions mentioned 100 drops, but for my test, I decided 50 would be plenty.  It turned out it was, as the 50 drops (maybe about a tablespoon?) lasted until my tealight (generic one) died.  In fact, I still had some oil left in the bowl of the burner, maybe about 10 drops worth. 
Overall, I was impressed with the length of the oil lasting in this burner and would recommend it to others.   You do need to be careful where you put it as the oil bowl does get hot while it is burning, but the arms do not, which is nice.

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