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Friday, September 10, 2010

September is a great time to Join Gold Canyon!

You may wonder why I say this, but here are the reasons for it:

Holiday Season – A very popular gift during the holidays is a candle or some other décor item. Gold Canyon has a lot of wonderful options for you and your customers. There are many people that start their shopping in September due to budgeting, so why not get in with those people?

Discounts – You can get a 25% or more discount on products that you buy for yourself and that you give others for the holidays! That’s a great way to help you save money!

Help pay the Bills – Even though you likely won’t find a GCC product for everyone on your list, by selling GCC, you will earn money to help you pay your other holiday bills before you even make your purchases, not the other way around!

New Products – Our new holiday line was just released, so you are potentially showing people the products for the first time. The more excited they are about the product, the more likely they are to buy.

Timing – By starting in September, you have time to hold a party for Jane, and her friends can book off her and still have plenty of time to have their party before the holidays. You have plenty of time to get several levels down into a chain.

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