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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Maven - Scent Mate

Dear Maven,
I love my new ScentMateTM but my favorite fragrance is not available in Home Fragrance Oil. Can I use Diffuser Oil or Linen Scent with my ScentMate?

Well aren’t you so crafty! While I do appreciate your resourcefulness, the truth is that the Linen Scent and Diffuser Oils are not as concentrated as the Home Fragrance Oils, so you won’t be getting the highest quality fragrance experience using them on the ScentMate as when the Home Fragrance Oils are used. 

All products are different and we make sure each product works the best with the fragrance products it’s intended for. I do have some good news for you though…look for brand new Home Fragrance Oil choices in the new
Holiday 2010 catalog!

As a good Gold Canyon Coworker, I must also refer you to the Product Knowledge Guide for proper usage of all products—but I bet you knew I was going to say that!

                                                                 Always By-the-Book,

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