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Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Decorating

It’s that time of year again—are you ready for your summertime barbeque?

An easy way to create a beautiful ambiance for your party is by including a centerpiece on your main table and by adding candles for fragrance and lighting. These two subtle touches can make for charming party décor!
  • Subtle Lighting: If your party or barbecue is later in the evening, you can place candles and lanterns around the party perimeter, for subtle lighting. Gold Canyon’s Liberty Lantern, Leaf Lantern and Mini Lark Lanterns include a stand that’s good for using when you place it on a table. Or you can simply remove the lanterns from their stand to hang anywhere you’d like.

  • Dramatic Lighting: Multiple votives or tealights always make for a more dramatic effect and make your space feel more elegant. The Iron Votive Centerpiece is a good choice for dramatic lighting or simply place candles inside the Straight Votive Glass candle holder and place them throughout the party. For daytime events, this is a good way to disperse a wonderful scent!

  • Fragrance Focus: Want your guests to walk in and instantly get that smell of fragrance and be wowed? Try using large 26 oz. candles as centerpieces on each
    of your tables and in the main areas of the party. Try a “summery” fragrance like Fizzy Pop, Casaba Melon Sunset, Coconut Mango Breeze, Grapefruit Splash or Grass.
Ahhh…summer is here!

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