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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bring them a Citronella Nights candle to help keep away the bugs or give them a box of Scented Fire Starters. The hosts are sure to love either.


Jasmine Lime Citronella
A unique combination of sweet floral and tangy citrus, this citronella candle will have your guests searching for your night-blooming jasmine plant. Burn throughout the evening to add extra pizzazz to your outdoor party. Contains citronella to help repel insects.

Papaya Passion Citronella
Only a passion for papaya and not the insects! This zesty tropical fruit concoction is filled with papaya, passion fruit and sun-warmed citron and completed with citronella petals, hibiscus, vanilla and precious woods. Contains citronella to help repel insects.

For outdoor use only. Wax is filled to a lower level to prevent unexpected wind blow-outs. Burn time: 60-80 Hours


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