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Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding Sparkle

It’s wedding season and every bride wants their wedding to sparkle! 2010 weddings are trending toward vintage glamour and sparkling diamonds. Get some great Gold Canyon decorating and gift ideas for bridal showers and all the wedding festivities.

Bridal Shower
The bridal shower is one of the first official wedding festivities and the bride wants this party to set the stage for the big day. Whether it’s just the girls or a couples party, the bridal shower is best designed to mimic the wedding theme and colors.

If there’s not a set theme or colors, lots of sparkle will delight the bride in making the day feel extra special. The shower can be decorated with a bolt of economical tulle fabric and Gold Canyon’s new Unscented candles. Include a jeweled beauty like the Jeweled Candle Ring (for Unscented Bella candles) and the Crystal Candle Stands (Set of 3) with the new Enchanting candle. Create an elegant ambience with an array of Unscented tealights spread throughout the rest of the room. If the bride has specific wedding colors, Gold Canyon has 35 different tealight fragrances in tons of colors. A fragrant tealight works great as a shower favor, too.

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