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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Product Review - Scentmate

I just received my Scentmate the other day so decided that I should try it out and post a review. I have a few events coming up and I wanted to be able to talk about this new product.
The Scentmate uses Essential Oils to scent your home.  I tried mine out with Pomegranate.  You take one of the pads, and your pour the oil onto it, about 100 drops.  There is a line on the bottle so you know where 100 drops is.  Re-assemble the Scentmate, and then put batteries into the top section.  Then hit the button and it turns on.  The Scentmate has a fan in it, so it runs the fan and puts out scent continually.  I found the Scent the same as my candles, you get whiffs of it once in a while.  Overall, I like the idea of this product and it is a great option for someone who wants scent in their home but does not want flame and is scared of the scent pods spilling everywhere.

If this product is as popular as it is expected to be, there will be more scents coming out in the next catalogue.

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