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Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Feature - Green

Colours play a significant part in our lives, whether it is decorating, what to wear, or even to influence our feelings.  So I am starting a new feature on here, colours and how to use them, information, and just whatever hits my fancy.

In Honour of this time of year, the first colour to be featured is Green!

What does Green Symbolize?
Life and renewal – it reminds of us of nature, growth, renewal, health and the environment. 
Green is restful and calming.  Time moves faster in a green room.
Green can be both warming and cooling.  It can denote balance, harmony and stability.  If you are looking for a springtime feel, use several shades together.
Green is self-respect and well being, as well as balance. 
If unsure of a colour choice, green is a good safe option.
Green symbolizes money.

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