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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Article from Gold Canyon (http://www.imakenews.com/gcdemonstrator/e_article001984538.cfm?x=bhWDw9S,bgpbPkpF), published in Weekly Wednesday, a weekly e-newsletter for Gold Canyon Demonstrators.

January 10, 2011
Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner

Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to promote new seasonal products for décor and for your sweetie, too! Here are some products to feature at your Parties and to suggest to your customers and Hosts.

  • MyStyle - Be Mine fits 16 and 5 oz. Heritage candles
  • Changing Seasons Candle Holder features heart picks
  • Changing Seasons Diffuser Holder features heart picks and display the heart appliqués in the Changing Season Appliqués for your Diffuser
  • Customize your Picture Perfect Scent Pod Warmer with our new Crafty Pics, and “Love Deeply” this season
  • Love Struck fragrance is available this season in Heritage and in our new Spring Sweets specialty candle

Don’t forget to Host a Valentine’s Day themed Party soon so your customers can get orders delivered before the holiday. Grab friends and family for fun Valentine’s Day shopping and encourage guests to bring their list of sweeties and purchase gifts they’ll love. Serve up simple Valentine treats such as conversation candy hearts, pink or heart-shaped cookies and red pomegranate juice.

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