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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did you know….. Candles on Warmers

Many people like to use their jar candles on those warmers that you are able to buy.  While it seems like a great idea as you do not have the flame, it really is not beneficial for the candle, and you will find when you decide to burn the candle that the scent is not as strong as it should be.
This is due to the way that a candle is made and is designed to be used.  When making a candle, the fragrance oil bonds to the wax particles during creation.  This is done in a liquid state, where the oil is mixed very well but at a low temperature to not burn the oil off.  Just before it gets to the cooling temperature, the wax is poured into its container where it solidifies quickly.
When you put your candle onto a warmer, the warmer melts the wax from the bottom to top, which causes the fragrance to evaporate into the air from the entire candle.  When you burn a candle, the fragrance is only evaporated from the 1/4“to ½ “of melted wax. 
Due to this, you can understand how the candle will be fragrant much longer when you light the wick versus putting it on a warming plate.

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