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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear Maven - Why are the Pillars leaving?

Dear Maven,

I have been a long-time fan of the Pillar Series and have customers who are loyal followers as well. Can you share with me why the Pillar Series is going away? Are there issues with the candles? Will you be bringing them back?

With all your questions, I think it’s safe to assume you feel pretty passionately about these pillar candles! I have to admit that like you, I went through my own brief period of shock and denial when I heard they would not be returning.

Having said that, I have confirmed with reliable sources that it is indeed true that the plan for 2010 is to discontinue the Pillar Series.

Our amazingly knowledgeable Research & Development squad assures me there are absolutely no performance or quality issues with this product line that brought this decision about. The decision was made based solely on sales data and market trends. As they say, business is business!

The good news is that anything is possible, and what I mean is there is always a chance the Pillar Series could come back. Gold Canyon always responds to the needs of our customers, so if the company was to receive an influx of responses asking to bring pillars back, we would reevaluate this decision and consider their return to the product line.
Fellow Fan of Pillars,

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