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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Maven - Oil Adapter?

Please help! I'm LOVING all of the new Home Fragrance Oils - especially the Scent Blend Duos! But why do I have to have an Oil Adapter? What happens if I just put the oils directly on my current Scent Pod® Warmer?
Oooh! Pouring oil directly on the Pod Warmer is not advised. Why, you ask? Well, let me give you a quick Pod Warmer anatomy lesson: The electrical components are housed below the warming plate. The plate is NOT sealed, so the oil will leak into the unit. This will not only damage the unit, but will also cause danger of electrical shock! We never want to risk severe injury and/or property damage, and pouring Home Fragrance Oil directly onto your Pod Warmer could easily do just that.

The adapter is not only a safe bet, but is of course trés chic and such a great value! Available in three oh-so-neutral colors to suit your favorite Pod Warmer designs, this little wonder is a must-buy for any Scent Blend Duo Diva. Happy blending!

Oils Just Want to Have Fun,

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