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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Products!

Top Requested and Top Trends
·         Four NEW Heritage® fragrances are available this season: Spa, Beach, Storm and Kumquat.
·         Most Requested Fragrance – Leather Auto Freshener!
·         The Support Our Troops Candle has arrived! 10% of retail value from every candle sold will be going to organizations that support the military and their families.
·         New Seasonal Fragrance in Candles for Kids – Cheery Cherry Fizz!

NEW in Scent Pod® Warmers & Accessories:
·         Magnetic Pod Warmers! Attach your favorite MagnaCharm™ to any of our three new warmers:  
·         Blue Genie – a light blue rounded Pod Warmer
·         Gray Genie – a light gray rounded Pod Warmer
·         Rustic Elements – a drift wood-inspired, white-washed square Pod Warmer
·         Candlestick – Now in White!
·         Pair it with the NEW White Oil Warmer Adapter
·         Picture Perfect Pod Warmer – Now in White!
·         Footed Square Pod Warmer – Now in Red!
·         NEW MagnaCharms:
·         Starfish MagnaCharm – featuring faux turquoise and rhinestones
·         Blossom MagnaCharm – featuring a blue felt flower with a shimmering pearl stone center

NEW Scent Pod Fragrances: Vanilla Cupcake, Lemon Bar, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Spa, Beach and Cranberry Flirtini

NEW Scent Pod Bundles:
·         Cabana Bundle with Beach, Coconut Mango Breeze and Pool Towel
·         Summer Bundle with Pineapple Coast, Sparkling Apricot and Sliced Watermelon

Special Holiday & Occasion candles:
·         NEW Sunrise and Sunset Layered Candles – Three layers with three different fragrances!
·         NEW Beach Trio – 2 oz. votive glasses filled with the Beach fragrance with three colorful magnetic holders!

New Candle Décor:
·         Star Spangled Twinkle Ties (Set of 3, US only) and O Canada! Twinkle Ties (Set of 3, CDN Only)
·         MyStyle – Stars & Stripes (US only) and MyStyle – Canada Day (CDN only)
·         MyStyle – Chalkboard Doodles Write on these labels with chalk!

Now Offering 17 Fragrances in Home Fragrance Oils!
Now available in these new fragrances: Banana Nut Bread, Cedar Woods, Cobbler on the Porch, Cranberry Flirtini, Fresh Orange, Fruit Fusion and Sparkling Apricot

NEW Scent Blend Duos: Offered at an amazing introductory price of $7.98 US and $10.50 CDN!
·         Luau Limeade – Ginger Lime + Sparkling Apricot
·         Blood Orange – Apple + Fresh Orange
·         Pom-Berry Sparkle – Cranberry Flirtini + Pomegranate
·         Cotton Candy – Sugar Cookie + Fruit Fusion

Keep candles clean with Candle Wipes now available in a 24-pack!

Check out the NEW Summer Look Book!
·         See all the exciting ways to dress up with summertime décor.
·         Look for changes in the headlines to entice readers to host a Party.
·         Look closely at the featured products. Page numbers will now accompany the image to make featured products easier to find in the catalog.

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