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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear Maven - My favourite scents didn't come back!

Dear Maven,

I love the new spring catalog and all the new scents, but many of the fragrances from last year are long gone. My customers are missing some of our favorites – and I even find myself longing for some of my own faves from last year. Will you ever bring them back? How can I keep my customers happy when their fragrances are no longer available to buy?

Yours Truly,

Forlorn for Fragrance

Dear Forlorn,

Oh, my. It sounds like you’ve got some die-hard fragrance junkies on your hands – including yourself! Well, I’ve got good news. First of all, you are not alone because I can relate! A couple of my all-time top picks were noticeably absent from the Spring 2011 catalog. Second, we’re in luck because Gold Canyon’s got us covered with their new Similar Scent Lookup at www.goldcanyon.com.

As you may have gathered after perusing the Spring 2011 catalog, Gold Canyon has simplified the product offering this year, keeping the crème de la crème of our most popular and beloved fragrances. There are still plenty of unbelievable fragrances available, but should you or your customer have a hankering for a 2010 fragrance that is no longer around, the Similar Scent Lookup is the place to go.

Here, you and your customers can search in two different ways:

First, you can look up your favorite Gold Canyon fragrances from 2010 that are no longer available. Just enter the fragrance name and a similar Gold Canyon scent will be offered.

Second, you and your customers can even enter fragrances from six other competitors. Just enter the fragrance name and a similar Gold Canyon alternative will be offered! This is a simple way to increase your sales and keep your customers satisfied.

Remember, we always want to hear from you. If you or your customers want to see a new product developed or past fragrances return, send those ideas our way. We are always tracking your requests!

Your Satisfied with Similar Scent Lookup Sister,


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