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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why host a Catalogue Party?

Why host a catalogue party?

1. Receive a free gift for being a host.
2. Earn free products when you host a Catalog Party. This is based on guest sales and credit for anyone who decides to host a Catalog Party of their own (details below).
3. Having a hard time finding a time that works for all of your guests? Catalog Parties fit into everyone’s schedule!
4. Invite as many people as you want! No worries about too many people to fit in your living room.
5. The people you invite can pass the books along to their friends, family, co-workers, earning more free products for you!
6. Special party pricing for Book Parties! Ask for details
7. You do not need to clean your house for a catalog party!
8. No shipping charges when orders are placed at a ‘party’! All orders are delivered to the hostess to distribute to his/her friends.
9. No need to cook or buy food and drinks for the party.
10. You have 2 weeks to get orders rather than 2 to 3 hours! Again, this is more free products for you!

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