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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Create Aroma for your House

Scents take an important place in our perception of outward things. Often they are associated with some events and feelings. Childhood and mother have their own scents

House-plants will help you to create a unique scent of your house.
It’s just important to choose aromatic plants for each room correctly, as scents affect health and create mood. Some calm down us, others, to the contrary, hearten us. Meet aromatic plants, their amazing qualities and find your own one, dear and unforgettable.

Scent from childhood
The most popular aromatic plant, known to us since childhood, is Pelargonium odoratis (apple geranium). For a long time it was placed in bedrooms to improve sleep. All kinds of this plant have absolutely different scents: roundhead and redolent Pelargonium smell like rose, crisped one smells like lemon, nectarean has a smell of nutmeg, pannose one smells like mint.

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