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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scents for Money and Success

Goals, Gains, Money & Success
The scents that signify material success, along with money, profits and aims, include the fragrance of allspice, almond, bergamont, basil, cinnamon, clover, dill, honeysuckle, lemon, pine, red ginger and sage essential oils.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Maven - Skin Care

Dear Maven,

With summer right around the corner and the winter clothes being shed I am gearing up for summer skin! My massage therapist told me that glycerin is the main ingredient needed to reach our sub dermal layer of skin. What is so important about this statement and is there glycerin in any of our EMERGE® products?

You would be jealous of the great summer skin I already have—thanks to EMERGE of course! OK, I’ve got the gloating off my chest and now I can give you the 411.

Your massage therapist is on the right path, but what we really want to do is keep our skin in great condition overall. Glycerin is one of the excellent skin care ingredients and it has been touted by dermatologists and scientists consistently over the past 40 to 50 years. Glycerin still receives attention today for its positive effects and many of the EMERGE products contain glycerin as a key ingredient.

1.  Raise Your Hand Silk™
2.  Smoothing the Way™ Body Crème
3.  Stepping Out™ Foot Crème
4.  Ready to Shine™ Body Polish
5.  Out on a Limb™ Body Lotion
6.  Renew Your Soul™ Bath Soak

What’s so great about glycerin? Well, glycerin is one of the best humectant raw materials available.
(Humectants are something that attract water to the skin). Glycerin is also thought to have an effect on the skin barrier function, reducing the amount of damage soaps or detergent exposure might do to the skin.* Glycerin's ability to both attract moisture and mitigate damage potential from soaps and detergents is the real advantage of glycerin. 

These EMERGE products contain glycerin, but with all of the EMERGE products you can expect to experience the nourishing benefit of living ionic minerals as well as antioxidant botanical extracts and beautiful botanical essences that all together create a renewing and nourishing experience.

Now that is good news for creating “summer” skin!

Your Summer Skin Expert,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cleaning Candle Jars


‚ Place your 8 oz, 16 oz, 26 oz, 32 oz or specialty jar in the freezer for 30 minutes.
‚ Remove jar from the freezer & pop out the frozen wax.
‚ When the jar returns to room temp, place the waxy jar on a baking sheet in a cold oven, turn it to 200 degrees. Set your timer for 10 minutes.
‚ After 10 minutes or once your remaining wax is melted, put the melted wax and metal wick holders in a non-melting disposable container. Discard. Use a paper towel to wipe away remaining waxy residue.
‚ While your jar is still warm, pull both labels off.
‚ Using a damp cloth, wipe out the lid and remove label.
‚ Run jar and lid through one cycle in your dishwasher.

The result is a beautifully clean, recyclable jar. Every effort to recycle makes a difference for our environment!

Oven and jars are HOT! This is only a recommendation to clean waxy jars. Gold Canyon Candles is not responsible for any injury that occurs during the process.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Party Themes

Banana Split Party – Hostess provides the ice cream, guests provide the toppings. Guests bring a dressed banana for a banana fashion show to be judged by the guests. Winning banana gets a prize.

Beach Party – Keep that summer feeling going all year long. Guests bring their bathing suits in a brown paper bag for everyone to guess who belongs to the suit.

Garden or Patio Party – Have your show in your garden or on the patio/deck. Guests wear a garden hat or big floppy hat. Drawing for the best hat, funniest, ugliest.

Fruit Salad Party – Guests will be asked to bring a fruit, host will provide pound cake and cool whip. Each guest who participates will get a fruit scented candle.

Tropical Drink Party – Get the blender out, bag the ice and let’s party. Serve various tropical drinks and unwind with friends.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scent - Lime

Lime - Balance, cleansing, motivation and clarity

Aromatherapy Uses:
Cheering and restorative , lime refreshes a tired mind. Congestion due to colds and spasms or inflammation are eased. Antiseptic and astringent it makes a great deodorant.

Antiseptic, anti-viral, antirheumatic, antiscorbutic, anticoagulant, aperitif, bactericidal, febrifuge, tonic-restorative

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Celebrating 13 Years Today!

This message was sent out to us consultants from Curt, the President of Gold Canyon Candles.

Celebrating 13 Years Today!

If you can imagine that 13 years ago today was my first day at Gold Canyon full time! Karen and I had been working in our kitchen for the previous two years trying to create the perfect candle and together we made the leap of faith to go for it full time. We had a brand new baby and a two-year-old and no income when I quit my job as a CPA. We don't know what we were thinking …new baby and no income …other than we knew we had a product that was better than anything else out there in the marketplace

Well, 13 years later we continue to have The World's Finest products, but more importantly we also have The World's Finest Demonstrators. You are amazing-we couldn't do it without each of you! In the words of our Co-Founder and my wonderful wife… thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'd love to hear about your favorite Gold Canyon memories.

Please post your favourite Gold Canyon products, scents, or anything else you want to share here. :)

And I appreciate your support, and I look forward to many more years working together.

Dear Maven - Wick won't stay lit?

Dear Maven,

What do you do with a candle, or specifically the wicks, that won’t stay lit especially in the larger size jars?

If you have a wick that won’t light, you’ve simply gone too far. It’s like saying, “now that I have a traffic ticket, how do I make it go away?” The trick is not to get the traffic ticket to begin with! Let me explain…

When you first receive your candle, you may notice that sometimes the top is not completely flat across. This is completely normal. The top becomes caved in when the natural crystallization process experiences slightly differing humidity and temperatures. 

If you come across a candle like this, the trick is not to trim your wick for the first lighting.   I know you’re thinking about that mantra that’s ingrained in your brain about always trimming your wicks. However, this is a special case. I give you permission to not trim your wicks—just this once!

You’ll need to plan on a first burn of approximately four hours to condition the candle but after this first burn it should level itself out. Once your candle is flat, then trim to ¼ inch and continue to burn. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Facts and Figures


Only one national flag is a solid color: the green flag of Libya.

Ancient Egyptians colored the floors of their temples green.

In ancient Greece, green symbolized victory.

In the highlands of Scotland, people wore green as a mark of honor.

Green is the national color of Ireland.

A “greenback” is slang for a U.S. dollar bill.

Green means “go.” When “all systems are green,” it means everything is in order.

The green room of a concert hall or theater is where performers relax before going onstage.

The “green-eyed monster” is jealousy.

A greenhorn is a newcomer or unsophisticated person.

Green is youthful.

A green, or common, is a town park.

Green is a healing color, the color of nature.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scent Recipe - June Wedding

June Wedding
Create the elegant warmth of a summer wedding with softly scented florals and sweet fruits. A shimmer of luxury shines through for a beautiful blend.

·        8 oz. Powder & Violet Fleur
·        8 oz. Burning BrightTM
·        10.5 oz. Enchanting

Friday, June 18, 2010

Decorating with Votives

Votive candles are wonderfully diverse. Once associated only with churches, today votive candles are a wonderful accent to the home. When placed in votive candleholders, you don't have to worry about wax drips and spills. Because of their small size, more is always better. Place a dozen around your bathtub and enjoy the luxurious feeling of a relaxing bath by candlelight. Line them up in varying heights on your fireplace mantle to add a warm glow to your living room. Votive candles come in a wide variety of scents, so you can control the mood of your room. Go for the strong scent of magnolias in the summertime, and the cozy scent of vanilla in the winter.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scent - Green Apple

Relieve: Green apple. “We found that the smell of green apples reduced the severity and duration of migraine headache pain and may have a similar effect on joint pain,” says Dr. Hirsch. “The scent seems to reduce muscle contractions, which are the main cause of pain in migraines.”

Try: For aromatherapy pain relief, eat a green apple for a snack or bathe with green apple bath salts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Romantic Garden Bouquet Recipe

Romantic Garden Bouquet
A wonderful way to welcome summer! This sweet, romantic garden blend combines soft florals, hints of musk and the calming harmony of lavender vanilla to start the perfect relaxing summer.
  • 8 oz. Sweet Amour
  • 10 oz. Harmony
  • Love StruckTM votives (3)
    Scent Blending Recipes are carefully selected recipes of individual candles that when burning together, create their own unique, blended scent experience.

    To maximize your fragrant experience, use the exact sizes and quantities noted in each recipe – a slight alteration can be like adding salt when you needed sugar.

    FIRST: Arrange the candles on a heat-safe surface with the largest in the middle and smaller candles interspersed throughout. For votive and Tealight candles, use a holder to protect the surface.

    SECOND: Place each candle approximately two inches apart in your arrangement.

    THIRD: Light each candle and let the aromas mingle for at least 30 minutes to create your new fragrance experience.

Dear Maven - Milder Scents?

Dear Maven,

Your candles are fabulous! I always look forward to burning them to freshen different areas of my home. I have, however, noticed that some candles do not seem to have as much fragrance as others. Sometimes I feel like I’m smelling the wax more than the scent and I’m tempted to add some of your Diffuser oil with a dropper to give the candle a fragrance boost. What do you suggest when I get a candle that seems to have limited fragrance?

Well, first let me say that flattery will get you everywhere. I like to think that I had a little something to do with your satisfaction with our candles, as I am always offering our R & D department my sage advice – sometimes solicited and frequently not.

Moving on to your question, my answer is best summed up in the old saying, ‘Patience is a virtue.’ When you receive a candle that does not seem to have a strong scent, the best recommendation is to put it away and smell it again the next morning to make sure your nose isn’t playing tricks on you. Personally, after a long day of latte runs to my local café, slathering myself with cosmetics, heading to the mall food court to grab a bite to eat, re-spritzing myself with my favorite body spray (Your Inspraytion™ Body Mist from our EMERGE™ collection, of course) and pumping gas (ick!), my nose understandably has an identity crisis on its hands and can’t smell the full bouquet of fragrance notes that may be present in one of Gold Canyon’s amazing candles. Bottom line: it’s a good idea to give your nose a break and check out that new candle a second time when you know your nose is fresh and hasn’t been assaulted by the variety of smells you’re likely to encounter throughout the course of your day.

If you have given your olfactory senses a break and are certain your new candle doesn’t smell like it should, please contact Gold Canyon and let us send you an exchange. Everyone here takes maintaining our reputation as “The World’s Finest”® quite seriously and we truly want you to be completely satisfied. Additionally, we may request that you return the candle to us so we can get to the bottom of it if there is a quality issue. Our goal is that every single candle produced be perfect every time.

One last note of expert advice, DO NOT use your Diffuser oil in your candle! This will eventually cause your wick to stop functioning correctly and your candle will not burn. For more information about the appropriate use of Gold Canyon Diffusers (and every other fabulous product we offer), consult the current Product Knowledge Guide at Essentials OnLine/Action/University/Product Knowledge Guide.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Effects of Candle Burning to Indoor Air Quality

Effects of Candle Burning to Indoor Air Quality

An internationally funded study on candle emissions performed in 2007 has confirmed that well made candles of all major wax types pose no discernible risks to human health or indoor air quality.
In carrying out the tests, reference candles made from paraffin, soy wax, stearin, palm wax and beeswax were burned in a specialized testing chamber. Emission gases were analyzed for more than 300 chemicals known or suspected of toxicity, health risks or respiratory irritation at elevated concentrations.
The study found all of the waxes burned cleanly and safely, with no appreciable differences in burning behavior. Their combustion byproducts were virtually identical in composition and quantity, with all emission levels registering far below the most restrictive of any applicable indoor-air standards.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good vs Bad Green

Good green
• Green light - go, permission to proceed (with a task)
• The green room - in theater or televisions it is the room where performers and guests go to relax
• Green thumb - good with plants
• Greenback - US dollar bill, money
• Greener pastures - something newer or better (or perceived to be better), such as a new job

Bad green
• Green-eyed monster - jealosy
• Green with envy - jealous or envious
• Green - inexperienced, untested, untrained
• Greenhorn - novice, trainee, beginner
• Green around the gills - pale, sickly

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Sparkle Part 2

Bridesmaids Gifts
They’ve hosted showers, helped in the planning, bought expensive dresses, shoes and accessories—they definitely deserve to be recognized! Gifts are great, but make them feel special with a lunch or shopping day to honor these cherished women. Present them with Gold Canyon’s new Enchanting candle that includes a keepsake brooch that can be worn on the day of the wedding. The brooch can also be worn on the dress, purse, in the hair or even pinned to the bouquet handle.

Wedding Day
Candles are still one of the most popular choices when it comes to centerpiece decorating at the reception. Gold Canyon’s new Unscented candles available in Bella and tealights are the perfect choice to complement floral décor on the guest tables, head table, cake table and gift table. For the bride that wants an extra pop of color or fragrance, votives or tealights are just right.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding Sparkle

It’s wedding season and every bride wants their wedding to sparkle! 2010 weddings are trending toward vintage glamour and sparkling diamonds. Get some great Gold Canyon decorating and gift ideas for bridal showers and all the wedding festivities.

Bridal Shower
The bridal shower is one of the first official wedding festivities and the bride wants this party to set the stage for the big day. Whether it’s just the girls or a couples party, the bridal shower is best designed to mimic the wedding theme and colors.

If there’s not a set theme or colors, lots of sparkle will delight the bride in making the day feel extra special. The shower can be decorated with a bolt of economical tulle fabric and Gold Canyon’s new Unscented candles. Include a jeweled beauty like the Jeweled Candle Ring (for Unscented Bella candles) and the Crystal Candle Stands (Set of 3) with the new Enchanting candle. Create an elegant ambience with an array of Unscented tealights spread throughout the rest of the room. If the bride has specific wedding colors, Gold Canyon has 35 different tealight fragrances in tons of colors. A fragrant tealight works great as a shower favor, too.

Continued Tomorrow

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Maven - Linen Spray

Dear Maven,

Is it safe to spray Gold Canyon’s Linen Scent on wet clothes before putting them in the dryer? What about ironing? Will it discolor the fabric? 

I’m no detective, but it sounds like you may have had a traumatic experience with applying another fabric ‘freshener’ that caused unpleasant side effects for your favorite cardigan in the past. Am I right?

Well I’ve been there, and I’ve got good news for you! Other than the facts that they smell like heaven and can be used in so many other ways, another amazing feature of our Linen Scents is that they should be safe to use on clothes before putting them in the dryer.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I actually use the spray on both dry and wet clothing. If I’m in a pinch and a little behind on laundry (which is pretty much the norm for me), I particularly like to spray one of our wonderful Linen Scent fragrances on dry clothes and throw them in the dryer for a quick freshening to get smoke or cooking odors out quickly. However, because fabrics and dyes vary, please note that it is always prudent to test a small inconspicuous area of the clothing first. Better safe than sorry!

You can also spray your clothes and then iron, but again, since fabrics vary, it is highly recommended that you test a small area of the garment first. Another important tip is to use your Linen Scent only on washable fabrics – never on dry clean only clothing. Last of all, never put Linen Scent inside your iron, as this is not the intended use for your iron and could potentially cause its mechanics to deteriorate over time.

For complete information regarding Gold Canyon’s Linen Scent or any other fabulous Suddenly Scented® products we have to offer, be sure to check out the Product Knowledge Guide at Essentials OnLine/Action/University/Product Knowledge Guide.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Feature - Scents

To go with the posts on Colour, I am going to be posting about Scents.  I will try to post scents that match the color, but this is easier said than done.

Peppermint Essential Oil
It serves as an energizer and can be used to treat muscle aches, fatigue, pain, gas, sore throat, digestive problems, stomach ulcers and nausea. The oil is extracted from leaves of peppermint plant and has a minty scent.

How to use: Inhalation, from the bottle, or put a couple of drops on a cotton ball in the car to keep you alert; in the bath, 2-3 drops (no more due to skin irritation). Peppermint blends well with lavender and eucalyptus.

Cautions: Avoid during pregnancy, especially the first 3 months. Do not use with other homeopathic medicines.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Product Review - Scentmate

I just received my Scentmate the other day so decided that I should try it out and post a review. I have a few events coming up and I wanted to be able to talk about this new product.
The Scentmate uses Essential Oils to scent your home.  I tried mine out with Pomegranate.  You take one of the pads, and your pour the oil onto it, about 100 drops.  There is a line on the bottle so you know where 100 drops is.  Re-assemble the Scentmate, and then put batteries into the top section.  Then hit the button and it turns on.  The Scentmate has a fan in it, so it runs the fan and puts out scent continually.  I found the Scent the same as my candles, you get whiffs of it once in a while.  Overall, I like the idea of this product and it is a great option for someone who wants scent in their home but does not want flame and is scared of the scent pods spilling everywhere.

If this product is as popular as it is expected to be, there will be more scents coming out in the next catalogue.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Peel and Reveal This Summer!

Can you imagine finding a summer sun game piece in your candle or Scent Pod® and finding out you’ve won $5,000?

Every 16 oz. Heritage and Scent Pod has a cool instant bonus offer (discounts, free shipping and other promotional offers), but there’s more! 50 Grand Prizes include cash (up to $5,000!), electronics, sporting goods and a vacation.
Get Summer 2010 started with the excitement of Gold Canyon’s Coolest Wax promotion and all the great new summer scents to try. Check out this complete list of brand NEW scents for summer available in Heritage and Scent Pods.
NEW Summer Scent Pods:
Burning Bright™ (EMERGE® scent)
Lavender & Black Ambre
Sliced Watermelon

NEW Summer Heritage:
Cedar Woods
Citrus Cream
Cranberry Flirtini
Fir Champa
French Vanilla & Buttercream
Fruit Fusion
Heather & Hyacinth
Sliced Watermelon
Sparkling Apricot
Tangerine & Spice
Tranquil Mist
Yuzu & Ruby Red

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Feature - Green

Colours play a significant part in our lives, whether it is decorating, what to wear, or even to influence our feelings.  So I am starting a new feature on here, colours and how to use them, information, and just whatever hits my fancy.

In Honour of this time of year, the first colour to be featured is Green!

What does Green Symbolize?
Life and renewal – it reminds of us of nature, growth, renewal, health and the environment. 
Green is restful and calming.  Time moves faster in a green room.
Green can be both warming and cooling.  It can denote balance, harmony and stability.  If you are looking for a springtime feel, use several shades together.
Green is self-respect and well being, as well as balance. 
If unsure of a colour choice, green is a good safe option.
Green symbolizes money.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Home parties have come a long way since Tupperware parties

The heydays of the Tupperware party may have gone the way of the 1950s poodle skirt, but home parties are still hopping.

Instead of peddling plastic containers to seal in freshness, there are now a slew of glamorous items available to in-home shoppers, ranging from designer jewelry and country home decor to kinky adult sex toys.

And it's not just stay-at-home moms or retirees buying and selling the stuff to friends and families on Sunday afternoons. Some full-time professionals are so impressed with the quality of the merchandise, they either sell it on the side to earn a few extra bucks or host their own parties to collect free gifts.

Read more: http://www.thestarphoenix.com/life/Home+parties+have+come+long+since+Tupperware+parties/2782777/story.html#Comments#ixzz0pvLUG4lN

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