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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Safari Scents

Show off your wild side with this trendy zebra-printed Pod Warmer. Plug it in, place a scent pod on top and enjoy the fragrance of a candle without the wick or flame. You can set it to turn off automatically after 4, 8 or 12 hours. After you switch it off, the scent pod hardens so it can be reused. When you want to switch scents, all you have to do is switch pods—no messy oils to clean up or wax to scrape off. $46.75 CDN

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear Maven - Cutting Corners?

Dear Maven,

I recently went to the grocery store and was disappointed to see that my favorite ice cream has been shrunk down to a miniature sized container. It got me to thinking – what if Gold Canyon starts cutting corners to save a buck in this shaky economic climate? Should I be worried?

Oh, Honey. I can almost feel your disillusionment leaping at me off my computer screen. On those bad days when all we want to do is change into some giant sweatpants and have our way with a gallon of ice cream, the last thing we need is to see that someone’s trying to rip us off and charge the same (or even more!) for a lesser product.

Well rest assured that Gold Canyon is dedicated now more than ever to delivering “The World’s Finest”® products to our consumers and Demonstrators and always will be. Every component that goes into our products is selected because of its capacity to out-perform the competition at every turn.

Sure, it’s tedious to test 37 different wax and wick combinations only to toss them all and start from scratch, but at Gold Canyon, that’s what our Research and Development team does. It’s that tireless spirit that ensures that you and every one of your customers is pleased with the end result – a flawless product that you deserve!

So the next time you find yourself lying awake at night pondering which of your favorite products is going down the tubes next (“Will it be my lip gloss? What’s next? My wrinkle cream? Maybe my chai tea latte?”), just know that you can always count on Gold Canyon to maintain the same level of quality to which you’re accustomed – “The World’s Finest”.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Summer Catalogue Additions!

Summer Product Release Updates
You asked for it, and we’re ready to launch some of the most highly requested and anticipated products! We are so excited to share the new summer products with you as you get ready for a sizzlin’ sales season. Here’s the scoop on Gold Canyon’s latest product release:

Summer 2010 Product Highlights
·          Pillar Series & Inspirations select fragrances NOW available in Heritage®! (p. 45)
o    Pillar Series & Inspirations from the Summer 2010 catalog are discontinued and available online while supplies last.
·          NEW! Summer Holiday/Occasion (pp. 51–56)
o    Unscented Bella® & Tealights create unscented ambience and décor with high quality white candles!
o    Wedding Candle! The lovely fragrance of Enchanting that comes with a wearable brooch.
o    Celebrate the 4th of July with the fragrance of Red, White & Berry and the Liberty Lantern holder.
o    MyStyle – Love a fragrance, but the label doesn’t match your décor? Use MyStyle labels! 4 sets to choose from.
·          Iron Votive Centerpiece replacement glass! (p. 65)
·          NEW ScentMate™ Personal Fan Diffuser – A quiet, yet powerful fan that streams long-lasting fragrance into the air. (p. 9)
·          Scent Pods® 14 NEW fragrances, including top favorites like Essentially Soy Aromatherapy™ and EMERGE Burning Bright™! (p. 17)
·          Pod Warmers – 2 NEW designs, including a warmer to personalize by adding your picture to the frame! (p. 11)
·          EMERGE® Stepping Out™ Foot Crème New Packaging, Lower Price, More Ounces! Available to order June 1, 2010. (pg. 29)
·          Comforts of Home® Now shipping without the medallion as shown in the catalog. (p. 41)
·          Birthday Delights Gift Giving Set Now priced at $25.99 US/$34.75 CDN; effective May 1, 2010. (p. 69)
·          Boutique Chic™ Now priced at $29.50 CDN; effective May 1, 2010. (p. 35)

Book your party today to be one of the first to have these items!!!

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